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The Joy of “Freely” Giving – by Dave Allen

For people like me who see “shop” as a four-letter word, we sometimes need an attitude adjustment when it comes to gift giving.  Whether in the family or the workplace, gift giving can be approached in a multitude of creative ways and developed all year long without ever becoming a burden. If you dread shopping [...]

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What Are You Thankful For? Contributions shared by some of our friends in the agriculture industry

Recently, we sent an email to some friends in the ag industry asking one simple question, “What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?”  Following are their heartfelt responses.  Enjoy reading them, be blessed, and then ask yourself …“What am I most thankful for?” Terry – Thankful that all of our kids have accepted Jesus [...]

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Keeping Agriculture Great…Tips for Attracting Quality Talent – Compiled by the AGRI-SEARCH Team

Keeping Agriculture Great…Tips for Attracting Quality Talent Compiled by the AGRI-SEARCH Team The secret to keeping American agriculture the leader in feeding a hungry world lies in attracting new talent into our industry. Over the next decade, this will be especially important to replace a large number of retiring ag professionals. Following are just a [...]

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Interviews: Traditional or Transparent

It is commonly known that all individuals should put their best foot forward throughout the interviewing process – both applicants and hiring managers alike.  Offices are tidied up, everyone is polite with introductory small talk, and professional game faces are on. “My greatest weaknesses?  I work too hard.  I sometimes care too much about the [...]

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What is Your Safety Story?

Safety…what comes to your mind when you hear that word depends on the paradigm through which you view life.  We all have an experience, a story, or a recollection about an “incident” that has impacted our life.  What is your safety story?  How did it impact you? On October 7, 1992, my safety story changed [...]

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