Are We Addicted to Stress?

Are We Addicted to Stress? For many, pending deadlines and packed schedules are not overwhelming, but instead can be a driving force that pushes them toward greater productivity.  We have processes to streamline, goals to achieve, promotions to earn, debt to eliminate, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase, and people to help and inspire. [...]

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The Illusive Work-Life Balance

The Illusive Work-Life Balance As we pass the mid-year point, hours of daylight are long, outdoor activities and vacations are abundant, yet the demands at the office do not wane.  The subject of providing an environment for work-life balance often resurfaces during the summer, but the topic is one that should be addressed on an [...]

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The Treasure of True Grit

The Treasure of True Grit “Tell me about a time when you failed, and what you learned from that experience.” Think of the most successful employees you’ve ever worked with, or the individuals you’ve mentored who excelled the most, or the leaders you’ve studied who seem to achieve every goal they set for themselves.  Undoubtedly, [...]

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Failing vs Failure

While not everyone is a sports fan, sports undeniably can offer us valuable lessons for life and leadership. A prime example occurred last week during the NBA basketball playoffs. The Milwaukee Bucks, who had the best record in the league, suffered a shocking and resounding defeat in the first round of the postseason. Perhaps the [...]

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The Culpability of Free Speech

The more things change, the more they stay the same.” –   Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr In the past five years, much has changed.  In 2018, Facebook had over 2.23 billion monthly average users (MAU) compared to 2.96 billion in 2022.  Twitter reported growth from 298 million MAU in 2018 to 368 million in 2022.  TikTok catapulted from [...]

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Quiet Quitting: Separating the Symptom from the Cause

Quiet quitting.  What began as a viral video has become one of the most talked about (and written about) topics this year.  Is it a valid phenomenon, or is it nothing more than catchy clickbait?  To a certain degree, the answer to that question does not matter.  Rather than debating the significance of the symptoms, [...]

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Our Words Matter

Our Words Matter Humans speak their first fully-formed words sometime between 9 – 12 months of age.  It’s a big deal, delighting our parents and launching us into the world of interactive communication.  For the rest of our lives, words are the foundation of (almost) everything we do.  Psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson says, [...]

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Life Lessons Learned from the Love of Showing Livestock

When November approaches and harvest is wrapping up, my mind always goes back to the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, Kentucky.  For decades it was the annual World Series of livestock shows for my children and me. My passion for showing livestock started when I was nine years old when I convinced [...]

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Remote Work: Is it the future?

Remote work and labor shortages: they seem to be the hot topics in today’s workplace.  March of 2020 brought about the perfect storm of necessity and the technological ability to test if remote work was viable.  There was no trial run.  Remote work was instantly thrust into action by a virus.  In-person meetings were replaced [...]

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Communication vs Dialaogue

Throughout my career, I have always asked my team members to over-communicate.  My intentions have been to ensure that the whole team would always be on the same page.  It is always better to have more information than not enough to address problems or opportunities within our company.  Over the years, this has worked well. [...]

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