For people like me who see “shop” as a four-letter word, we sometimes need an attitude adjustment when it comes to gift giving.  Whether in the family or the workplace, gift giving can be approached in a multitude of creative ways and developed all year long without ever becoming a burden.

If you dread shopping or are just looking for a new twist to “giving”, let’s examine some positive four-letter words that can be valuable gifts without investing hours shopping or spending a small fortune.

Give words of affirmation and encouragement to all those who cross your path.

Time spent with others building memories, sharing ideas, relaxing, or just being there.

Love everyone with Christ like love, especially those hardest to love.  And…

Love your neighbor by offering to shovel their snow, mow their yard, rake their leaves, or ____.

Call someone who is lonely, sick, or just needs to hear a positive, friendly voice.

Take someone to church to hear the Gospel message.

Wise words shared can help mentor and provide a stronger foundation for a shaky co-worker or friend.

Cook a meal and take it to a friend struggling to make ends meet.

Care for and help champion the positive growth and development of those in your sphere of influence.

Date nights are great; surprise your spouse or offer to watch someone’s kids so they can get away and strengthen their marriage.

Bake cookies and deliver them to someone who needs a blessing.

Tell the great news that Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas.